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SilverMink V-988 Body Slim System is an Innovative Electronically controlled exercise system using vibration massage technology specifically designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and a slimming regimen.

Experience stimulation of the circulatory system, a targeted relaxing massage. Has been recognized by United States' FDA UL and Canada's CSA, and passed ISO9002 product requirement test. ISO9002. UL File No.A8268. FDA Own/Operator No. 9040456. CAS Certificate No. 1093339(LR 96401-28)

Whole Body Vibration Fit Body Whole Body Vibration Controls

Featuring a vibrating wave motion that goes straight to your problem areas, the Belt Massager will relax sore muscles and massage your waist and hips with the same action.

  1. Reduce Muscle Tension
  2. Soothe Muscle Discomfort
  3. A great machine for a weight reduction/excercise program
  4. Massage & tone waist, hips, shoulders, thighs, calves...
  5. Relaxing, pleasant, calming


You can adjust to a suitable speed without needing to accommodate yourself to a single machine speed, and can choose either the vibrating or belt massaging effect.

The bumps on the massage plate can stimulate the body acupuncture points with a strong spiral vibration. The effect is stimulating, invigorating, as it moves and opens up the vital systems of the body.

Whole Body Vibration Features

Using the V-988 Whole Body Vibration Machine

Before Use:

  • Always stand on machine and position belt prior to starting the machine
  • Start at 5 minutes and work different body parts consecutively

Whole Body Vibration SwitchesUsing The Fitness Belt:

  • Before using the machine, switch to position (I) (slow)
  • Then switch to position (II) (high)
  • Switch to position (0) (off)

After Use:

  • Drink at least 250cc of water after each session


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need to allow my body to adapt to the machine?
    • The SilverMink is similar to cardio exercise machines you find in gyms, such as stationary bikes or treadmills. The exercise performed is essentially intense physical activity for the body. The primary component of the SilverMink is a motorized footplate, which generates a spiral vibration at a speed of 7,200 rpm. The footplate also has reflexology-designed bumps intended to stimulate the reflex zones (points) in your feet. The spiral vibrations and the stimulation of your reflex zones (points) causes blood circulation throughout your body to increase by 54.4% as it would if you were riding a bike, jogging or running. If you are usually not very physically active or experience low or improper circulation, a sudden increase of blood circulation may cause dizziness or vomiting. Gradually allow your body to adapt to such vigorous physical activity by taking the recommended introductory steps in using the SilverMink.

  2. Why do I feel like falling off or that I am losing my balance when the footplate is spinning and I am standing on the SilverMink?
    • This is usually an indication of an inner ear, a psychological or a foot problem. This condition can be improved by moving into a squatting position on top of the footplate.

  3. Why do I feel itchy during or after use of the SilverMink?
    • There are nerves adjacent to your small blood vessels and as your blood circulation quickens the small vessels expand, which triggers your nerves and thus the nervous system. This itchiness is a positive side effect and will disappear through repetitive use of the machine. Do not scratch your skin vigorously; lightly pat the itchy area with the palm of your hand.

  4. Why do my feet blister or feel like they are burning after using the SilverMink for 5 to 8 minutes?
    • Blistering on or burning sensations in your feet are normal reactions to the machine and will gradually improve. Uric acid and water content are generally deposited in the lower extremities of your body (i.e. your feet). The spiral vibrations generated by the circulating movements of the footplate will cause water molecules in your feet to surface, hence blistering may occur during the use of the machine.

  5. Why do I feel discomfort in the chest area after using the SilverMink? What can I do?
    • It may be an indication of a lung or bronchus problem. Use the machine in a seated position, first placing your toes on the footplate (the presentation step) for 15 minutes and followed by lying face-up (with your upper-back on top of the footplate) for 10 minutes, then lying face down (with your chest/stomach area on top the footplate) for 5-10 minutes.

  6. Why do I feel like my feet and / or calves are swollen after using the SilverMink?
    • The machine increases blood circulation throughout your body. If there is any blockage in circulation in your legs, you may experience swelling in the area. Lying your calves on the footplate for 5-10 minutes can treat this condition.

  7. Why are my feet swollen after using the SilverMink?
    • If the swollen area is the area around your ankles, you may have a lymphatic gland disorder. If the swelling is on the dorsal of your feet, it may be an indication of weakened kidney function. The swelling is not a serious side effect and will improve within two months if a daily regiment of exercise is followed. The machine will help restore your organ or gland to normal functioning. You should also bathe your feet in salty lukewarm (40 degree Celsius) water in the evening, which will help reduce the swelling.

  8. Why do both feet turn red and become swollen after using the SilverMink?
    • This is a sign of either poor blood circulation in your body or nerve ending deterioration. Women with this condition may have a gynaecological problem and men may experience chronic weakness or fatigue. The recommend exercises are to stand on the machine for 15 minutes, followed by the sitting position for 30 minutes.

  9. What is the youngest age at which a person can us the SilverMink
    • Anyone of any age can use the machine. The primary benefit of the exercise is improving blood circulation, which helps to maintain good health. You can use the machine as part of your regular preventative and therapeutic health care routine.

  10. Why is the vein on the dorsal of my feet swollen after using the SilverMink?
    • This indicates that the uric acid level in your blood is high. It is suggested that you perform the standing and squatting position on the machine. You will notice an improvement in the swelling after a period of time.

  11. Why does my Achilles tendon turn red and swollen after using the
    SilverMink ?
    • You may have haemorrhoids. You should stand on the machine for 15 minutes and sit on it for 10-15 minutes. You can place a blanket or something thin and soft on the footplate before you sit on it to make it more comfortable.

  12. Why do I experience stomach aches after using the SilverMink and need to defecate two or three times a day?
    • From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, clotting causes pain and pain is relieved when the clot is removed. It indicates that bowel movement has increased because your body is getting rid of unwanted and toxic bodily waste. Continue to use the machine for 5 to 7 consecutive days and your condition may improve, depending on the state of your body and health. It is normal and necessary for you to remove bodily waste from your systems.

  13. Why do I feel dizzy and nauseous after using the SilverMink?
    • Users with low blood sugar and red blood cell levels may experience dizziness and nausea if they exercise to vigorously the first few exercise sessions. These conditions are similar to a head rush or exerting yourself in any physical activity. You should allow your body to adjust to the exercise by increasing intensity on the machine gradually. Use the machine while sitting in a chair with feet on the base for a few sessions and increase the amount of time within each session. Then work up to a standing position.

  14. Why do I have difficulty moving my legs after using the SilverMink for a period of time.
    • Slight blood clotting may have formed in your previously injured areas, thus obstructing the flow of energy throughout your body. Continue to use the machine to help remove the blood clot and restore the normal flow of energy.

  15. Why do I experience diarrhea after using the SilverMink?
    • In general, strong functionality or movement of your large intestines causes diarrhea, while weak functionality causes constipation. The machine will help restore your digestive system to normal function. Your condition will improve if you use the machine for a week.

  16. Why do I experience
    • dryness in my mouth
      • Increase blood circulation, requires moisture, similar to any physical exercise, leaving the mouth dryer than normal.
    • fever and/or coughing
      • Lymph glands are stimulated through the exercise. This activates white blood cell activity causing white blood cells to attack dormant viruses in the body, resulting in a fever or coughing in some cases.
    • sweating
      • Sweating is the result of an increased metabolism rate.
    • sneezing and/or
      • The increase of blood circulation, and vibration of villi within the nose will stimulate sneezing.
    • passing gas, after using the SilverMink?
      • The bowel movement is enhanced, thus causing one to pass gas.

  17. Can a person with asthma use the SilverMink?
    • People on medication for asthma usually experience skin problems, and the functioning of their stomach and digestive system is weak. The exercise can help enhance the functionality of these organs, as it helps accelerate metabolism and normalizes your body to perspire normally. It will also reduce the necessity of using steroids and restore the skin condition.

  18. Why do I feel thirsty after using the SilverMink?
    • This condition will improve the stimulation of the reflex zone on the feet. Users with poor metabolism usually have toxic debris deposited in the body. This disposition is stirred up by the exercise and makes the acid level higher in the blood. This is why people with high acid levels in the blood tend to get tired easier. Drink a lot of water when you are feeling sleepy.

  19. Why do I feel cold and/or have a runny nose after using the SilverMink?
    • Feeling cold or having a runny nose may be indications that you have not fully recovered from the flu or may have been infected with a flu virus. Enhancing the stimulation of the reflex area of Nasal Sinus and Frontal Sinus and drink lots of water will help the case.

  20. Why do I need to urinate more often than usual after using the SilverMink?
    • It is because the metabolic enhancement of the kidney and the muscle function of the bladder have not been normalized. Stimulation of the reflex area of kidney, ureter and bladder will help improve the condition within 3 to 5 days.

  21. Why does my nose bleed after using the SilverMink?
    • You may have been exposed to the sun for a long time prior to using the machine. Your body is at a vulnerable state at that time. Continue to use the machine, first with the preparation step (toes only on the footplate) for 15 minutes, and second by standing on it for 15 minutes. This will help your body recover to its normal and balanced state.

  22. Can I use the SilverMink before or after eating?
    • Yes, you may use the machine immediately before or after eating. SilverMink is recommended after eating as it can increase your level of metabolism and help with any digestive problems you may have.

  23. What is the effect on athlete's foot? How long it will take to see the effect?
    • Athlete's foot is usually caused by fungus infection in the skin between the toes. Proper sanitation routines are essential to eliminate the problem, including sanitized shoes and socks, but using the machine can help as well. After using daily for 15 days, you will begin to see an improvement, as testified by many users.

  24. Can the SilverMink be used during menstruation?
    • Yes, menstrual cramps can be alleviated through SilverMink. The menstruation period may also be shortened.

  25. Can stretch marks caused by pregnancy be reduced by using the SilverMink?
    • Yes, lie face down with your abdomen on the footplate. By focusing your excercise routine on this part of the body, improved blood circulation will help transport oxygen and nutrients to the damaged skin, causing it to repair itself naturally. This will help the stretched skin to contract, thus restoring elasticity to your skin.

Consultation of a Physician with regard to the following conditions before using the SilverMink is advised

  1. Can a person with a pacemaker (heartbeat regulator) use the SilverMink?
    • If a person has poor blood circulation, the functioning of the heart is also weak. A person's heart rate reaches a maximum of 72 to 75 beats per minute while using the machine. Thus, the SilverMink can provide the positive effects of active physical activity and improved blood circulation without a significant increase in heart rate, which is ideal for anyone with a heart condition.

  2. Can someone with uremia use the SilverMink?
    • Yes, SilverMink can help your body excrete excessive amounts of urea and other nitrogenous waste compounds through urine. Intensifying the stimulation of the kidney reflex zone in the feet will help restore the function of the kidney and improve the condition.

  3. Can a person with asthma use the SilverMink?
    • People on medication for asthma usually experience skin problems, and the functioning of their stomach and digestive system is weak. SilverMink can help enhance the functionality of these organs, as it helps accelerate metabolism and normalizes your body to perspire normally. It will also reduce the necessity of using steroids and restore the skin condition.

  4. Can diabetics use the SilverMink?
    • Through the high frequency spiral vibration on the foot reflex zones, blood circulation is increased and thus the pancreatic function is enhanced. SilverMink will help to improve excretion of waste compounds from the body and accelerate the metabolic rate.

  5. Can gouty people use SilverMink?
    • The SilverMink is 100% effective for relieving gout. It is recommended that you sit on a chair and place your feet on the footplate for 15 minutes, followed by the standing and squatting positions for 15 minutes or more. When finished, stand on the footplate for another 15 minutes. After one week, lie on your back on the footplate for 15 minutes, adjust your position if you experience discomfort or take a short break. You should use the SilverMink for at least 2 hours each day (not consecutively but in total).

  6. Can people with osteoporosis use the SilverMink?
    • It is recommended that people with osteoporosis to take the preparation and adaptation steps for 15 minutes before taking the standing and squatting postures. It is also suggested that you drink a cup of milk before using the SilverMink.

  7. Can people with varicose veins use SilverMink?
    • Yes, users should SilverMink for at least 90 minutes daily (not consecutively but in total). It is suggested that you use a standing, squatting, and lying on back positions. This will alleviate the problem of varicose veins and improve blood flow through the affected area.

  8. If I have had a stroke previously, will SilverMink help?
    • A stroke is a result of an interruption to the flow of blood to the brain. During your recovery period, SilverMink can help to improve the blood circulation and enhance the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain, thus repairing the lesion. Use the SilverMink for at least 2 hours each day (not necessarily consecutive hours).